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pin type insulator porcelain

The voltage range of pin type insulator porcelain has 11KV, 22kV and 33KV used for medium voltage transmission and distribution lines.

pin type insulator porcelain-Orient

pin type insulator porcelain

According India standard, the porcelain pin type insulator have some requirement 
The Pin type Insulators shall conform to the following standards with latest amendments if any. The tenders shall go through the IS thoroughly before making their offer. The material shall be for use in moderately hot and humid tropical climate, conducive to rust and fungus growth.

General requirement
i) The porcelain shall be sound, free from defects thoroughly verified and smoothly glazed.
ii) The design of Insulator should be such that, stresses due to expansion or and contraction in any part of the insulator shall not lead to its deterioration. The porcelain shall not engage directly with hard metal for 11 KV, 22KV and 33 KV pin insulators.
iii) The glaze shall be Brown in color –except for the screw threads and the top portion on which the conductor is supported during firing which may be left unglazed, all other surfaces of the insulator shall be effectively glazed.

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