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Porcelain pin insulators as one type of earliest developed overhead line insulators, it is popularly used in transmission line or distribution line up to 33kV system. And porcelain pin insulators is fitted on wooden cross-arm or steel cross-arm to support the conductor. According to material, pin insulator can be devided into two types:
One is porcelain pin insulators or ceramic pin insulators.
Another type is composite pin type insulator or polymer pin insulator or silicone rubber pin insulator, different countries or areas have different names.
We Orient power classify pin insulator according to the material,please reference the following information:

Porcelain pin insulators for 69KV distribution lines
Porcelain pin insulators up to 33KV distribution lines:
Type: porcelain pin insulator,ceramic pin insulator
Standard:ANSI C29.1,ANSI C29.5,ANSI C29.6,IEC60383,BS3288
ANSI C29.5: ANSI 55-1,ANSI 55-2,ANSI 55-3,ANSI 55-4,ANSI 55-5
ANSI C29.6: ANSI 56-1,ANSI 56-2,ANSI 56-3,ANSI 56-4,ANSI 56-5
Voltage class:10kV,11kV,12kV,15kV,20kV,22kV,24kV,33kV,35kV,36kV
Composite pin type insulator for distribution power line
Composite pin type insulator for distribution power line:
Type:composite pin type insulator,polymer pin type insulator
Material:composite,polymer,silicone rubber,silicon rubber
Standard:ANSI C29.11,ANSI C29.17,ANSI C29.18,IEC61109
Component:insulated housing,reinforced fibre glass core,end fitting
Silicone rubber:high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber
Voltage class:10kV,11kV,12kV,15kV,20kV,22kV,24kV,33kV,35kV,36kV

For porcelain pin insulators:
Pocelain pin insulators or ceramic pin insulator is still most popularly used in most countries of the wolrd.
Orient power is a Pin type porcelain insulator supplier which can produce ANSI series and IEC standard porcelain or ceramic pin insulator. Besides producing standard porcelain pin insulators, we can also produce non-standard ceramic pin insulator according to customers' requirement since we have a professional design team. Base on this we can design and produce reasonable porcelain pin insulators for our customers.

For composite pin type insulator:
Orient Power is one of famous composite insulator manufacturer of China. We are the one of ten factories which have the right to supply composite insulator to our national grid.
Almost all the parts of composie pin type insulator are produced by ourselves including HTV silicone rubber,reinforcing fiber glass core,end fitting. So we can not only control the composite pin type insulator product quality but also reduce the insulator cost. Therefore, we Orient Power is very competitive for composite insulator also including composite pin type insulator. Our factory produces composite insulator more than 20 years and we exported polymer insulator more than 10 years. If you choose us as your composite pin type insulator supplier, we can supply you not only the qualified insulator and competitive price but also the best service and communication.

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