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11kV pin insulator manufacturer

 As a professional 11kV pin insulator manufacturer, Orient Power mainly produce medium voltage insulator, low voltage insulator and high voltage insulator.

11kV pin insulator manufacturer

11kV pin insulator manufacturer


11kV pin insulator commonly includes porcelain pin insulator and composite pin insulator consisting two type materials: composite and porcelain.

As one of 11kV pin insulator manufacturer, the properties of Orient Power11kV pin insulators:
◆ Pin insulators are a technically superior alternative to conventional ceramic type post insulators, used at the low to medium distribution voltage range from 10 kV to 36 kV.
◆ The standard range also features a wide selection of 11kV pin insulators suitable for distribution line networks.

Orient power is one of popular 11kV pin insulator manufacturer in China, manufactured medium voltage insulator in accordance of insulator specification or international standards with extremely high temperatures to very low temperatures in northern latitudes.


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