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11kV pin insulators specification

11kV pin insulators specification covers the manufacture, testing at works supply and delivery of Porcelain insulators for overhead power lines with a nominal voltage below 12KV.

11kV pin insulator

11kV pin insulator

11kV pin insulators applicable standards:
Except when they conflict with the specific requirements of this specification, the insulators shall comply with IS: IS:731 & IS: 3188 or the latest version thereof.

Manufacturing 11kV Porcelain pin type insulator general requirement:
The porcelain shall be sound, free from defects, thoroughly vitrified and smoothly glazed. The design of the insulators shall be such that the stresses due to expansion and contraction in any part of the insulator shall not lead to its deterioration. The glaze shall be brown in color for insulators. The glaze shall cover the entire porcelain surface parts except those areas that serve as supports during firing. The insulators shall be suitable for use with all Aluminum Conductor or Copper conductor or ACSR upto 100 The insulators should withstand the conductor tension the reversible wind load as well as the high frequency vibrations set due to wind.

Porcelain 11kV pin insulator working system conditions:
◆ Frequency: 50 Hz
◆ Nominal System Voltage : 11KV
◆ Maximum System Voltage LT System : 12 KV
◆ Minimum LT Voltage : 11KV
◆ Power frequency one minute withstand Voltage (wet): 35KV

Type of 11kV pin insulators
The standard Pin insulators shall be of designation Type –B of IS : 731 or its latest revision.


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