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11kV pin insulators tests

According to 11kV pin insulators specification, 11kV pin insulators tests have type tests, acceptance tests and routine tests.

11kV pin insulators test

11kV pin insulators test

Type tests for porcelain 11kV pin insulator:
a) Visual examination
b) Verification of dimensions
c) Temperature cycle test
d) Dry one minute power frequency withstand test
e) Wet one minute power frequency withstand test
f) Mechanical strength test
g) Porosity test

Acceptance test:
The porcelain pin type insulators, after having withstood the routine test shall be subjected to the following acceptance tests in the order given below:
a) Verification of Dimensions.
b) Temperature cycle test
c) Mechanical strength test
d) Porosity test

◆ Routine tests:
a) Visual examination

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