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22KV pin insulators

We are the prime manufacturer and exporter of 22 KV pin insulators, which are featured with 22 KV. The offered 22 KV Pin Insulators are made of high-grade wet process and are normally brown glazed, which ensures their safety and efficiency. We fabricate them with immense precision and care so that clients can gain more through their high functional utility. Based on that, we have settled ourselves in the lap of many nationwide countries.

22KV pin insulator               porcelain pin insulator

22KV pin insulators Features:
• Featured with 22KV
• Made of high-grade wet process
• Normally brown glazed
• Ensures their safety and efficiency
• Fabricated with immense precision and care
• High functional utility

We are offering a gamut of 22 KV porcelain pin type Insulator and composite pin insulator that is widely used in low cost distribution lines. We are providing these 22 KV Pin Insulators for application in sub-transmission and distribution lines. Our offered 22 KV Pin Insulators are tested and guaranteed for cantilever strength and are provided with adequate margin of safety. For the complete satisfaction of clients, we also provide customized designs of 22 KV Pin Insulators.

As a professional pin insulator manufacturer, we also produce 11KV pin insulators and 33KV pin insulators.

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