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ABC fittings

ABC fittings are that the fittings installed on the ABC type conductors and wires for insulating overhead lines and supporting insulators, which is one main part of electrical systems.

ABC fittings

The main types of ABC fittings
◆ Deadend strain clamps
◆ Suspension clamps
◆ PRE insulated joints
◆ Insulation piercing connectors
◆ End caps
◆ Cold shrink tubes
◆ Arrester connections
◆ Pole top fixings
◆ Suspension assemblies

Most ABC fittings are designed in different size, such as mechanical strength and diameter. If there are more ABC conductors, they should use the spacers and yoke plates. Such as the porcelain pin type insulator used with preformed wires connecting the conductors.

The materials of ABC fittings
◆ Stainless steel
◆ Aluminum alloy
◆ Ductile iron or common iron etc.

The steel or iron use for ABC fittings should be hot dip galvanized providing long service time.


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