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Ball & socket fittings

Ball & socket fittings are one of coupling fittings or link fittings used with suspension clamps and insulators. For ensuring the fittings quality, we should inspect them.

Ball & socket fittings

For ensuring the Ball & socket fittings quality, we should inspect some aspects, for example
1. Measure the diameter of the rope at several points along the pendant especially near the end fittings.
–Measurements below the ropes nominal diameter may mean that the core is deteriorating, even if the outside wires and strands appear to be in good condition.

2. Inspect the outside wires and strands for damaging rust or abrasive wear caused by loss of lubrication or by the rope's contact with the boom or other structures on the crane.

3. Inspect the rope for broken wires–especially near the end fittings.
– Even one broken wire near an end fitting may be a sign that the rope is deteriorating and may be near failure.
Any “valley breaks,” that is, wires that have broken in the valley between two strands may also be a sign that there is serious vibration fatigue in the core.

Ball & socket fittings are usually used with porcelain or composite suspension insulator for supporting electrical insulators and conductors.


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