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Bus support insulator

Bus support insulator is made from fiberglass reinforced thermo-set polyester, a bonded material with higher moisture and hear tolerance than plastic insulators, and with more mechanical strength to enable electrical installers to crank up closer height tolerances than with porcelain insulators, making bus support insulator more suitable for ground and perimeter grounding applications.

Bus support insulator

Bus support insulator is primarily used to insulate and support bus bar or grounding bars used in high voltage power transmission, including panel boards and switchboards. The most common materials for standoff insulators used with power transmission are ceramic or porcelain , and composite polymer materials.

Porcelain insulators are made from clay, quartz or aluminum and feldspar, and then covered with a smooth glaze to reduce the accumulation of dirt.

Composite insulators are less costly, lighter in weight, and have excellent hydrophobic capability. This combination makes them ideal for service in indoor areas affected by industrial residue like machine oil and grease.

Bus support insulator come with high voltage ratings, which is determined by the material used and the thickness of the body and to some extent the shape, since the design of insulators often includes deep grooves, or sheds.

Main physical considerations when design the bus support insulator:
Tensile strength
Cantilever strength
Compression strength
Dielectric strength
Arc resistance

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