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Ceramic pin type insulator advantage

Do you know the advantage of porcelain pin insulators or advantages of porcelain insulators? This article will tell you through introduce the 10 outstanding sides of ceramic pin type insulator advantage.

Ceramic pin type insulator              pin type insulator

Ceramic pin type insulator advantage:
1. Environmental friendly: At its disposal, the porcelain insulator is not dangerous waste.
2. In comparison to the polymer, electrical strength of porcelain is higher: 25+ kV/mm v. 20 kV/mm at the polymer.
3. Ceramic pin type insulator advantage shows on demonstrably higher resistance to degradation of the surface, does not degrade or carbonate during charges; the conductive path is created very slowly in comparison of the surface of a composite-material insulator.
4. The ceramic material is resistant to rodents, termites, birds and other animals capable of compromising the integrity of polymers.
5. One of the ceramic pin type insulator advantage is that ceramic pin type insulator has a wide scope of application: Contactors, disconnectors, equipment transformers, condensers, grommets also with extreme surface, atypical insulators (filters).
6. The porcelain pin type insulator is suitable for extreme hot/cold changes in the environment. It is suitable for environments with dust, salt and high moisture, or for combination of all of the above.
7. The Ceramic pin type insulator advantage also includes its no need to suffer from defects in the ceramics-to-metal interface.
8. The ceramic material offers very high mechanical strength under pressure and hardness.
9. The design is modified to suit the environment.
10. The ceramic pin type insulator is nicer to the eye.

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