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Composite insulator core

Composite Insulators shall be designed to meet the light quality, safety and reliability and are capable of withstanding a wide range of environmental conditions. Composite insulator core is an important part.

Composite insulator core

Composite insulator core

Composite insulator components
◆ Core- the internal insulating part
◆Housing – the external insulating part.
◆Metal and fittings – for attaching to hardware to support conductor.

About Composite insulator core
It shall be a glass-fiber reinforced epoxy resin rod of high strength (FRP rod). Glass fibers and resin shall be optimized in the FRP rod. Glass fibers shall be Boron free electrically corrosion resistant (ECR) glass fiber or Boron free E-Glass and shall exhibit both high electrical integrity and high resistance to acid corrosion. The matrix of the FRP rod shall be Hydrolysis resistant. The FRP shall be manufactured through Pultrusion process. The FRP rod shall be void free.


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