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Composite insulator

Whole moulding and single injection process way of silicone rubber provide composite insulator better connection among sealing place, superior performance in weather-ability, anti-tracking and anti-erosion.

Composite insulator              Composite insulator

Composite insulator can be divided into many types in applications. Distribution insulators: composite pin type insulator, composite suspension insulator, composite line post insulator, composite crossarm insulator, composite railway insulator and so on. Transmission insulators: polymer suspension insulators, polymer station post insulators, polymer line post insulators and so on.

Distribution line voltage: 100v ~ 36kv, transmission line voltage: 36kv ~ 1000kv. Low voltage: 100v ~ 1kv, medium voltage: 1kv ~ 36kv, high voltage: 36kv ~ 1000kv.

For the outstanding advantages, it was a logical step to use the composite insulator concept with Silicone Rubber housing for station and line applications as well. Please apply with the Orient Contacts and give us your comments or questions about our composite insulator products.


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