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Composite insulators India

Our Composite insulators India range also comprises of Low Tension Insulators, Anti Fog insulators and high voltage Insulators.

composite insulator              composite insulator

Composite insulators India properties:
Suspension and span poles for high voltage and railway networks
Manufactured according to IEC61109, 62217 and IEC 60120
Modular system with slide-on assembly
Metastable silicone seal; reliable triple labyrinth sealing ends; highly extensible, acid-proof core rod
M&E Test: Electromechanical failing load test as per IEC 60383-1
Hydrophobic excellently, High-quality steel, High mechanical strength, Light weight, Meet the international standard
Hydrophobic: since the material of silicone rubber has very good hydrophobicity.

Composite insulators India are exposed daily to enormous tensile stress in the construction of transmission lines, because the towers used in energy transmission utilize 1300 ft to 1700 ft spans with a weight of approx. 22 tons.


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