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Composite line post insulator metal end fittings

Composite line post insulator metal end fittings are generally manufactured from the hot dip galvanized iron or steel and made by Orient Power insulator manufacturer.

Composite line post insulator

The end fitting material for all insulators shall be hot dipped galvanised forged steel or aluminium alloy.

The end fittings shall be compressed/crimped onto the fibreglass core.

The line end fittings shall be designed and manufactured to prevent the incidence of RIV and corona under the service conditions defined in clause 4

The zinc coating on hot dipped galvanised forged steel end fittings shall have a surface deposit density of not less than 600 g/m2.

The post insulators for composite line post insulators shall be supplied with a four hole flange (pedestal type) end fitting suitable for mounting onto the gain base shown on Drawing Nos. N026-1346-05B and N026-1677-04A included in this specification. The base shall incorporate a 127 mm (5 inch) bolt circle with the four holes orientated as shown on the drawing. Hole diameters on the insulator flange shall suit mounting of the insulator to the gain base using GR8.8 Hex M16 bolts, nuts & spring washers. The post insulator for Item 4 shall be supplied complete with a bendable gain base suitable for mounting the insulator on a pole with a circular cross section using two M20 bolts spaced 305mm, one of the bolt holes shall be slotted to 12Rx50 mm (nominal). A 13mm diameter hole shall also be provided to facilitate earthing of the insulator base. Full details of the gain base shall be provided with the tender.

For the line post insulator end fitting at the line end of the insulator shall be a Horizontal Clamp Top which shall accept a standard armour grip support clamp.

For the end fitting at the line end of the insulator shall be a Two Slot Extended/Dropped Blade/Tongue. The end fitting shall allow for an unimpeded swing of the line hardware of 600 either side of the vertical.

The line hardware is not required. Composite line post insulator metal end fittings include insulator spindle, base castings, flange and clamp top castings etc.


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