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Cooperation between China and Egypt

China and Egypt will sign 25 copies of cooperation agreement in the field of energy and transport, in which seven agreements aimed at coal-fired power plant construction.

coal-fired power plant

China and Egypt plans to cooperate in the energy sector, particularly in terms of the construction of coal-fired power plants. In the power plant, most of electrical insulators are necessary installed.

In 23 December, 2014, the Egyptian Electricity and Renewable Energy Department said that the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company will sign seven agreements on coal-fired power plant cooperating with Chinese private enterprises.

These agreements have been completed several discussions and drafting. December 22, Egyptian Minister of Electricity Cecilia accompanied President's visit China, this is the first time to Cecilio the world's second-largest economy for a visit for China.

It is a chance for some electrical insulators companies, such as we can produce all type insulators for power plant, such as polymer pin type insulator, porcelain pin insulator and suspension insulator.

In addition to the signing of the transformation of the national grid, beyond the development of the transmission grid and create a smart grid that three agreements, the Egyptian government and the Chinese renewable energy development companies signed a memorandum of understanding in addition, all of these agreements is expected to optimize energy efficiency.

During this visit, the Egyptian, Chinese governments and private companies (electrical companies, such as pin insulator manufacturer for power plant) also signed 18 agreements, mainly related to energy and transportation, a total of 25 copies of the signed agreements.


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