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Creepage distance of contaminated insulator

Creepage distance is very important parameter when design the insulator.
In the transmission lines operating 132KV to 500KV, the cap and pin glass insulators are used as either V string or I string configuration. They are usually served in line with the cross arm to prevent the transverse movement of the conductor under all but extreme loads.

Creepage distance of contaminated insulator

At the same time horizontal VEE, horizontal line post and also suspension string have been used in the transmission network systems. The insulator leakage or creepage distance is dependent on its total height. The creepage distance of the insulator increased with increasing string length. The string length of the insulator is required to increase with increasing salt deposit density.

The line insulators are exposed to the outdoor environment. These insulators are contaminated by the seawater spraying near sea and also by industrial fumes near the industrial areas.

Influence factors for Creepage distance of contaminated insulator:
The type and amount of contaminant and inert binder
The configuration of the insulator
The length of the insulator string
Weather conditions and testing method

So then using the insulator, it’s should consider the using environment, then select the insulator.


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