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Disc insulator b&s type

Disc insulator is called suspension insulator, is an assembly of one or more shells with metallic fittings, They are nonrigid supporting type because of their material of ceramic.
Disc insulator b&s type in one type of disc suspension insulator.

Disc insulator b&s type

Disc insulator b&s type form the insulator string by fitting into themselves one another as per voltage requirement. A ceramic suspension insulator set complete with the fittings is used to carry a line conductor or conductors at its lower end. The top of the ceramic suspension insulator is fixed to the cross arm of the tower.

Types of Disc insulator b&s type
Application for Disc insulator b&s type:
calculate the numbers of the suspension insulators according to different voltage and connect the suspension insulators together one by one

Standard for Disc insulator b&s type
ANSI C29.2
ANSI C29.1


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