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Disc insulator price

Disc insulator play a very important role in transmission and distribution electrical system, there are various Disc insulators in ANSI standard, so Dis insulator price is also different.

Disc insulator price

Following I will show you some factors which can influence Dis insulator price:
1.Creepage distance
Creepage distance is important electrical parameter for the insulator; it have huge influence on performance in electrical system. In general, a large creepage distance also has a high price.
2. Mechanical load
Mechanical failing load is very important to insulator, so a high mechanical failing load also need more money.
3. Arcing distance
Arcing distance can influence the disc insulator price.
4. Color
Since there are several color about the disc suspension insulator and different color have different price, so for the disc insulator price, grey and white is more higher than brown.
5. Quantity
As you know, there are many fees for the insulator so there no doubt that the disc insulator price of large quantity insulator is lower than a small quantity insulator.


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