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Disc insulators manufacturers

Orient Power is one of Disc insulators manufacturers, manufactures disc insulators which is made by high grade wet process porcelain and glazed in brown or grey.

Disc insulators manufacturers

As one of Disc insulators manufacturers in China, disc insulators application
◆ Widely used on transmission and distribution powe lines
◆ Pole lines
◆ Electrical equipment
◆ Electrical towers

The features of disc insulators made by Disc insulators manufacturers
◆ Made from high quality raw materials
◆ Made according to international specifications
◆ Used on all voltage level lines
◆ Used in insulator string
◆ High in performance and functionality
◆ Up to system voltages of 500kv

As one of professional Disc insulators manufacturers, we can provide disc suspension insulator, pin insulator, line post insulator, also including polymer insulators.


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