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Distribution pin insulator classification

Orient power distribution pin insulator can be classified to porcelain pin insulators and composite pin insulators, the voltage from 6kv to 36kv.

Distribution pin insulator               composite Distribution pin insulator

Pin insulator classification for ceramic in distribution line:

A set of ceramic pin insulator is made of porcelain parts and spindle , then assembled together with cement .Some of the porcelain insulator thread will use zinc sleeve .

Distribution porcelain pin type insulator has two types of thread, one is BS standard is zinc sleeve, match with the steel head spindle, the other is ANSI , most is ceramic thread ,match with lead head spindle .

About the semi-conductor glaze, is along with the world technical development, and people high request to the signals, so now all the insulators will be applied semi-conductor glaze on the top and inner hole. The usage of this is to anti-radio interference.

Distribution composite pin insulator

Polymer distribution pin insulator, the core inner pulling bar is made of epoxide reinforced fiber glass, the outer is silicone rubber, and have good insulation performance.

Compared with the porcelain pin insulator classification, composite pin insulator have small size , light weight , easy to clean and other advantages , so can displace the porcelain well .

Orient power can supply different kinds of distribution pin insulator, also can design according to customer requirement, welcome to contact us for more information!

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