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Electric field insulator

Electric field insulator includes electrical wire, electrical conductor and electrical insulator. Electric field insulator is used in electrical system and related electrical field.

Electric field insulator             Electric insulator

Electric field insulator dividing line:
Electrical insulation is the absence of electrical conduction. Electronic band theory (a branch of physics) says that a charge will flow if states are available into which electrons can be excited. This allows electrons to gain energy and thereby move through a conductor such as a metal. If no such states are available, the material is an insulator. Insulator can be divided into porcelain insulator, polymer insulator and glass insulator. Polymer insulator includes polymer pin insulator and porcelain pin type insulator.

As a one of Electric field insulators, the electrical conductor working theory:
An electrical conductor of Electric field insulator is made from the material that allows electrons to move relatively freely from atom to atom. It was emphasized that when a conductor acquires an excess charge, the excess charge moves about and distributes itself about the conductor in such a manner as to reduce the total amount of repulsive forces within the conductor. Electrostatic equilibrium is the condition established by charged conductors in which the excess charge has optimally distanced itself so as to reduce the total amount of repulsive forces. Once a charged conductor has reached the state of electrostatic equilibrium, there is no further motion of charge about the surface.


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