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Electric insulators glass

Electric insulators glass are designed to link together into strings, typically of two or more, to provide much higher voltage protection than any single insulator.

Suspension type Electric insulators glass products are identified using the ST (Suspension Type) numbering system recently developed by Shaun Kotlarsky and Steve Coffman. This system covers both glass and porcelain suspensions worldwide. Suspension insulators are typically used on high tension power transmission towers as shown below. Porcelain is by far the most commonly used insulating material but there are a number of glass styles as well.

Types and range of Electric insulators glass:
U70BS/BL; U70BLP; 70BS/BL; 100BS/BL; U120B; U120B2; U120BP; U160BS/BL; U160BSP/BLP; U210BP; U240B; U300B; SS10; as well as modifications including insulators customized for tropics.
High voltage electric glass insulators for sale to the countries of Europe, Asia and the Middle East are of high priority for Orient Power.
The products of Orient Power are most competitive in the world market of glass insulators.

Both leading specialists in branch and modern technology let us achieve world level in production of Electric insulators glass.


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