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Electrical insulator glass

Electrical insulator includes porcelain insulator, composite insulator and glass insulator. Electrical insulator glass is made from glass.

glass pin insulator              electrical insulator glass

About Orient Power electrical insulator glass:
We are in all around advanced technology enterprise and we have succeeded in owning turning produce, develop and study together. Insulator price has bigger advantage than other peer companies.

High Voltage electrical composite pin Insulators for applications up to system voltages of 36kV, providing a reliable solution for power utilities with installations in high pollution environments worldwide.

About one of electrical insulator glass
Extra-High strength insulators are used for electrical systems that involve extremely heavy mechanical loads. They meet or exceed all ANSI and IEC standards in both electrical and mechanical characteristics for their voltage class. As one main electrical insulator, such as porcelain pin insulator

The design of our electrical insulator glass takes into account both the mechanical and electrical requirements of IEEE, IEC, NEMA and ANSI Standards. Testing is also performed in accordance with the applicable industry standards.


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