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Electrical insulator pin type

Electrical insulator pin type plays an important role in high voltage overhead distribution line applications. All type of insulators pin type can be supplied by Orient Power.

Electrical insulator pin type              Electrical insulator

Electrical insulator pin type specifications:
Standard/Standards: ANSI C29.5; ANSI C29.6, IEC60383 and BS137; IEC 61109
Tensile strength: 4kN, 6kN, 8kN, 10KN, 11kN, 12.5KN, 12KN, 13kN
Cantilever failing load: 3000lb, 2500lb
Models: FPQ-10T16, FPQ-10M16, FPQ-10T20, FPS-10.2/5, FPQ-10M20, FPQ-35/4, FPQ-35/6
ANSI 55-1, ANSI 55-2, ANSI 55-3, ANSI 55-4, ANSI 55-5, ANSI 55-6
ANSI 56-1, ANSI 56-2, ANSI 56-3, ANSI 56-4, ANSI 56-5
P-11-Y, P-15-Y, P-22-Y, P-33-Y, PW-15-Y, PW-22-Y, PW-33-Y

Orient Power is Manufacturer & Exporter of Pin Insulators Voltage Class 11kv, 22 KV and 33 KV. Orient also offers an extensive range of 11KV, 22KV and 33 KV pin type insulators that are fabricated from high grade raw material as per the demand of various electrical industries.

As a China pin insulator manufacturer, we have various kinds of electrical insulator pin type for different market, therefore you can also buy good quality low & medium & high voltage insulator from our company.

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