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Electrical insulators examples

Some of the common electrical insulators examples are glass, porcelain, plastic and polymer. Insulators block the flow of electricity through them due to the stability of the electrons surrounding an atom.

Electrical insulator           pin insulator

Electrical insulator is used on wires and places you don't want electricity to flow conductors are used in circuit boards and almost every electrical component. Conductors are used to carry the flow of electricity.

One of electrical insulators examples is silicone rubber. The rubber coating on electrical wires and the air between the wires are both examples of effective insulators. For example, porcelain pin insulator can be used on distribution line to support and insulate the wires.

As a main of electrical insulators examples, silicone rubber insulation forces the electricity to flow between the wires to complete a circuit. The opposite of insulators, conductors have electrons that roam freely and easily transfer electrical energy to other electrons. Water is an example of a conductor. Humans, with a body composition that is 60 percent water, are excellent conduits for grounding electricity.

In the process of using electricity, we use insulators to prevent the current through the human body to protect our lives. In our live, there are many electrical insulators examples, such as composite pin insulators, plastic standoff insulator and thermal insulator etc.


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