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Electrical insulators glass

Glass pin insulators are one of electrical insulators glass made of glass. Many Electrical insulators glass is collected, a little of electrical insulators glass is used on overhead line, such as Russia.

glass pin insulator              Electrical insulators glass

Talking about a kind of electrical insulators glass: glass pin-type insulator.
How do design the pin insulator?
The pin insulator is designed to secure the conductor to it. The most common way to do this is to use a wire to tie the conductor to the insulator. Another method is to design the insulator with self-typing features such as complex slots and grooves formed into the insulator. Finally, for heavy conductors, gravity can be used to hold the conductor in place.

As a main of electrical insulators glass, glass pin insulator can be used on distribution line with 36KV below. Except this type insulator, we can also produce porcelain pin type insulator and composite pin insulator. Glass pin insulators installed on wooden pegs to support the pen wire strung between telephone poles

Why are insulators so many different colors? There are several reasons. Glass companies often made insulators at the end of the day with whatever glass was left over. For instance, when the glass company finished a run of green bottles, all telephone insulators made that day would be green. But porcelain pin insulator has only three colors, they are brown, grey and white.


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