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Examples of electric insulators

Examples of electric insulators produced by us have various voltage levels, including 11KV, 20KV, 33KV, 66KV, 132KV, 220KV, 230KV, 400KV, 500KV etc.

Examples of electric insulators

The features of examples of electric insulators:
Insulators are different series including SM, c, 57, ANSI 52, 70kn, 120kn, LXP, LXHP, LXY, LXHY, FC, XP series etc.
High anti pollution ability
Stable and reliable mechanical strength
Good impact resistant ability
Unique and reasonable structure
Composite insulator is applicable to high pressure line facilities.
Porcelain ceramic insulators have a very wide use in electric transmission line projects.
Glass insulator has its own advantages. Due to the high mechanical strength of the glass insulator’s surface, the surface barely cracks. Electric strength of the glass is generally unchanged during the entire running, and its aging process is much slower than the porcelain’s.

We can give you more detailed introduction of our examples of electric insulators according to your requirements.


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