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Glass insulators

Orient Power is a leader pin insulator manufacturer, mainly produces composite insulators, porcelain insulators and glass insulators.

glass insulators               glass pin insulator

About glass insulators manufacturing process
Toughened glass is also frequently used for pin insulators. The melted glass is poured into a mold to form the shell. Dipping into hot and cold baths cools the shells.

This thermal treatment shrinks the surface of the glass and produces pressure on the body, which increases the mechanical strength of the glass insulators. Sudden mechanical stresses, such as a blow by a hammer or bullets, will break the glass into small pieces. The metal end-fitting is attached by alumina cement. Glass pin insulators are one main of glass insulators.

Glass pin insulators are more difficult to shape without distortion or weakening, which limits their use. Especially we also supply porcelain pin insulators and composite pin type insulators.

Glass insulators are even more resistant to electrical and thermal forces, making them ideal for electrical applications such as incandescent light bulbs


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