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Heavy Duty Standoff Insulators

Heavy Duty Standoff Insulator is kind of electrical components which are heavy loads and high voltages are present in stationary applications, Heavy Duty Standoff Insulator can provide an effective means of supporting large electrical component, like bus bar and capacitors.

Heavy Duty Standoff Insulators

Heavy Duty Standoff Insulators’ petticoats and convolutions can provide the glazed surface on the terrible environment, the clear glaze is standard on all exposed ceramic surfaces, the color of it is brown and grey.

Metal is an important part for Heavy Duty Standoff Insulator, it can provide attachment to devices are available plated or unplated in brass, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel or galvanized iron. The metal is permanently cemented to the ceramic insulator, the threaded holes in any configuration can be produced.

Heavy Duty Standoff Insulators have tow style bases, elliptical type and round type, the round bases is used on the large diameter standoffs in order to support heavy loads, it have same materials as caps.


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