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High voltage pin type insulators

High voltage pin type insulators are designed and manufactured to operate under the most severe conditions by understanding the dynamic processes of hydrophobicity, which is made from composite polymer, also called polymer pin insulator, the proper basic formulation of the silicone including fillers and additives as well as the processing technology and the "defense mechanisms" of Silicone Rubber against ageing bulk erosion tracking.

composite pin type insulator               High voltage pin type insulator

High voltage pin type insulators have the following special properties
High voltage composite pin type insulators have full Hydrophobicity over the lifetime of the insulator by high hydrophobicity resistance and fast regeneration.
The especially property for high voltage pin type insulators is fast transfer of hydrophobic properties into the pollution layer.
High tracking resistance by formulation and filler characteristics to balance mechanical values and tracking performance respectively can increase high voltage pin type insulators performance.
The properties given above lead to excellent insulation behavior for composite pin insulators without the need to grease, hence low operation and maintenance cost.

Orient high voltage pin type insulators combine the technologies of fiberglass reinforced rod, metal fittings and our extensive knowledge of elastomeric insulation to produce a high quality composite insulator. Trust us and choose us.

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