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Hollow bushing insulator

Hollow bushing insulator is widely apply for Power plants and power distribution equipment and usually used for support and fix the conductor, Not only make the current-carrying conductor and ground insulation, but also make Current carrying conductors insulated from each other.

Hollow bushing insulator

According to the material, hollow bushing insulator can be divided into :
◆ porcelain hollow bushing insulator
◆ composite hollow bushing insulator

Compared with hollow bushing insulator, composite hollow bushing insulator has many advantages:
◆ good anti-aging
◆ more lighter
◆ ease to install and transport

Hollow bushing insulator can be used in multiple place:
◆ The circuit breaker
◆ Capacitor
◆ Lightning protection products
◆ Substation.

The color of hollow bushing insulator: brown, white, gray or grey.

The voltage range of hollow bushing insulator is: 1kv to 1100kv. As we can see, the range is so big that hollow bushing insulator can be used in different situation.


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