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Indian and international pin insulator specification

Following Indian and international pin insulator specifications, which shall mean latest revision, with amendments/changes adopted and published, unless specifically stated otherwise in the specifications, shall be referred while accessing conformity of insulators with these specification.

NO. Indian standard Title International standard


Definition, test methods and acceptance criteria for composite insulators for A.C. overhead lines above 1000 V

2 IS:731

Porcelain insulators for overhead power lines with a nominal voltage greater than 1000 V

3 IS:2071 Methods of High Voltage Testing IEC:60060-1
4 IS:2486

Specification for insulator fittings for overhead power lines with a nominal voltage greater than 1000 V. General requirements and tests dimensional requirements locking devices.

5 --

Thermal mechanical performance test and mechanical performance test on string insulators units

6 IS:13134

Guide for the selection of insulators in respect of polluted conditions.

7 --

Characteristics of string insulator units of the long rod type.

8 -- Hydrophobicity Classification Guide STRI guide 1.92/1
9 --

Radio interference characteristics of overhead power and high voltage equipments

CISPR:18-2 Partlines
10 IS:8263 Methods of RI Test of HV Insulators IEC-60437
11 --

Standards for insulators –Composite-Distribution Dead-end Type

ANSI C29.13-

12 IS: 4759

Hot dip zinc coatings on structural steel & other allied products

ISO : 1459
ISO : 1461

13 IS:2629

Recommended practice for Hot Dip Galvanization for iron and steel

ISO : 1461 (E)
14 IS:6745

Determination of Weight of Zinc Coating on Zinc coated iron and steel articles

ISO : 1460

15 IS:3203

Methods of testing of local thickness of electroplated coatings

ISO :2178
16 IS:2633

Testing of uniformity of coasting of zinc coated articles.

17 --

Standard specification for glass fiber strands

ASTM D 578-05
18 --

Standard specification for glass fiber strands. Standard test method for compositional analysis by Thermogravimetry.

ASTM E 1131-03

19 IS:4699 Specification for refined secondary Zinc  

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