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Insulator hardware fittings

Insulator hardware fittings transmit the mechanical load to the core. They shall be made of malleable cast iron or forged steel, Metal end fittings shall be suitable for Ball and socket type hardware of respective specified mechanical load and shall be hot dip galvanized in accordance with IS 2629 or IEC 61109.

Insulator hardware fitting

Insulator hardware fitting

The insulator pin shall suitable porcelain pin type insulator or composite pin insulator. The material used in fittings shall be corrosion resistant.

Insulator hardware fittings for pin insulator shall be uniform and without sharp edges or corners and shall be free of cracks, flakes, silvers, slag, blow-holes shrinkages defects and localized porosity.

Insulator hardware fittings for pin insulator shall be connected to the rod by means of a controlled compression technique. As the main duty of the end fittings is the transfer of mechanical loads to the core the fittings should be property attached to the core by a coaxial or hexagonal compression process and should not damage the individual fibers or crack the core.


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