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Insulator leakage distance

Insulator leakage distance is also called creepage distance can affect the insulator pollution performance, and is the shortest distance between the ends of the conductors.

Insulator leakage distance

Insulator leakage distance can be divided into
◆ Electrical spacer
◆ Insulator creepage distance

According to insulator specifications, Insulator operating voltage and insulation level are decided in accordance with leakage distance. But, generally
◆ Primary side AC-to-DC part ≥2.0mm
◆ Primary side DC ground to the earth ≥2.5mm (floating ground on the primary side of the earth)
◆ A side portion of the second side portion ≥4.0mm, jumper in between components of a secondary side
◆ Electrical secondary part of the gap can ≥0.5mm
◆ Secondary side to the earth can ≥1.0mm

Insulator leakage distance depends on the operating voltage rms, CTI value of the insulating material to its greater impact


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