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Insulator properties definition

If you want to know how to design insulator and learn insulator drawings, we should learn the insulator properties definition.

insulator drawing

insulator drawing

Puncture - Puncture can be characterized by a disruptive discharge occurring through a solid dielectric (e.g., shed, housing, or core) causing permanent loss of dielectric strength.

Maximum Working Combined Loads—The maximum working combined loads are the simultaneously applied cantilever and compression loads. They produce a bending moment that should not exceed the bending moment induced by the working cantilever load rating alone.

Working Cantilever Load (W.C. L.) - Working cantilever load is a load that must not be exceeded in service.

Maximum Design Rating (MDR) - The maximum mechanical load that the insulator is designed to withstand continuously for the life of the insulator.

Proof-Test Load - The routine mechanical load that is applied to an insulator at the time of its manufacture.

Delamination - Delamination is the loss of bonding of fibers to matrix.


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