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Insulator quality assurance plan

Insulator quality assurance plan includes certificates of the raw materials, testing equipments, manufacture address, assembly material inspection reports and so on.

The successful bidder shall submit following information along with the bid:
Test Certificates of the raw materials and bought out accessories.
Statement giving list of important raw materials, their grades along with names of sub-suppliers for raw materials, list of standards according to which the raw materials are tested. List of tests normally carried out on raw materials in presence of bidder’s representative.
List of Manufacturing facilities available.
Level of automation achieved and lists of areas where manual processing exists.
List of areas in manufacturing process, where stage inspections are normally carried out for quality control and details of such tests and inspections.
List of testing equipments available with the bidder for final testing of equipments along with valid calibration reports.
The manufacturer shall submit Manufacturing Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) for approval and the same shall be followed during manufacture and testing.

The successful bidder shall submit the routine test certificates of bought out raw materials/accessories and central excise passes for raw material at the time of inspection.

The owner’s representative shall all times be entitled to have access to the works and all places of manufacture, where insulator, and its component parts shall be manufactured and the representative shall have full facilities for unrestricted inspection of the Supplier’s and Sub-supplier’s works, raw materials, manufacture of the material and for conducting necessary test as detailed herein.

The material for final inspection shall be offered by the Supplier only under packed condition. The owner shall select samples at random from the packed lot for carrying out acceptance tests. The lot offered for inspection shall be homogeneous and shall contain insulators manufactured in 3-4 consecutive weeks.

The supplier shall keep the owner informed in advance of the time of starting and the progress of manufacture of material in their various stages so that arrangements could be made for inspection.

No material shall be dispatched from its point of manufacture before it has been satisfactorily inspected and tested unless the inspection is waived of by the owner in writing in the later case also the material shall be dispatched only after satisfactory testing specified herein has been completed.

The acceptance of any quantity of material shall in no way relieve the supplier at his responsibility for meeting all the requirements of the specification and shall not prevent subsequent rejection, if such materials are later found to be defective.


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