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Insulator silicone rubber

Insulator silicone rubber is the main part of composite insulators, and it consists of insulator housing and weathersheds for its performance.

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Performance of insulator silicone rubber:
Composite insulators designed with silicone rubber have been found to reduce the need for maintenance in areas of moderate to high contamination. The surface of a silicone elastomer has a unique ability to interact with the contaminant and control leakage ‘wettability’ of silicone rubber, a phenomenon associated with the increase in surface oxygen content.

After a rest period, the material’s water-repellency returns. This hydrophobic recovery is thought to result at least in part from the diffusion of low molecular weight PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane) fluid to the surface, as well as a unique ability of the insulator silicone rubber surface to reorient after exposure.

This free fluid in insulator silicone rubber is also the key to another important surface characteristic of silicone rubber. The microscopic diffusion of fluid serves to encapsulate contaminant particles and prevent moisture absorption. Migration of the hydrophobic fluid helps maintain a high surface resistance and water-shedding ability.

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