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Insulator silicone rubbers

Insulator silicone rubbers are extremely suitable for applications in the transmission and distribution sector. They have an impressive spectrum of electrical, physical, mechanical and chemical properties.

Insulator silicone rubbers

The primary sealing system is silicone gel, proven through decades of use, embedded fitting reduces the electrical field stress, the conical shape reduces the electric field stress in the critical area.

The silicone gel sealing is protected by the HTV-silicone rubber ensuring a long life. The shank and fitting are sealed using a form-fit and adhesive bond that will ensure the long-term protection of the primary sealing system.

For properties of silicones, silicones have particularly high thermal stability. Another benefit of silicones is their high temperature resistance. For example, silicones maintain their elasticity down to -45 °C, which makes them particularly suitable for use at high altitudes and in polar region.

Insulator silicone rubber, compared to other materials, silicone elastomers are particularly resistant to UV radiation. Even harsh weather conditions, as found in coastal regions or deserts, have little effect on their properties.


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