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Insulator testings

We produce porcelain or composite pin insulator or other composite insulators for Kenya clients in accordance with IEC 1109 standards. We provide insulator testings reports including routine and sample tests.

Insulator testing

Insulator testing

Routine and sample test reports for the insulators to be supplied shall be submitted to KPLC/REA for approval before shipment/delivery of the goods. KPLC/REA Engineers (2) will witness acceptance tests at the factory before shipment.

Acceptance tests shall include the following tests as per IEC 1109 and applicable latest IEC standards:
◆ Verification of dimensions;
◆ Verification of the locking system;
◆ Verification of tightness of the interface between end fittings and insulator housing;
◆ Verification of the specified mechanical load;
◆ Galvanizing test (by Gravimetric method)


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