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Manufacture of composite insulators

Manufacture of composite insulators comprises a core material, end-fitting, and a rubber insulating housing. The core is of FRP to distribute the tensile load. The reinforcing fibers used in FRP are glass and epoxy resin is used for the matrix.

Manufacture of composite insulators

Designing Composite Insulators an important feature of the composite insulators developed here is that the design of the shed configuration is extremely free, owing to the use of silicone rubber for the housing.

The rubber and FRP of the housing were required not only to have sufficient mechanical adhesion but to be chemically bonded, so as to prevent penetration of water at the interface. And because in general a large number of interfaces may result in electrical weak points, Furukawa Electric has adopted a composite insulator design in which the sheds and the shank are molded as a unit, resulting in higher reliability.

Manufacture of composite insulators, testing to Confirm Performance In order for the composite insulators to be used as insulator strings, tests were also conducted to confirm their performance as V-string suspension devices or tension devices.


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