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Pin Insulators definition

Pin insulators definition: As the name suggests, the pin insulators are secured to the cross-arm on the pole. There is a groove on the upper end of the insulator for housing the conductor. The conductor passes through this groove and is bound by the annealed wire of the same material as the conductor.

composite Pin Insulator               porcelain Pin Insulator

Pin type insulators are made from porcelain or composite, which are used for transmission and distribution of electric power at voltages up to 33 kV. Beyond operating voltage of 33 kV, the pin type insulators become too bulky and hence uneconomical.

The properties of Pin Insulators definition
Porcelain or composite pin type Insulators are required to withstand both mechanical and electrical stresses. The pin type insulator is primarily due to line voltage and may cause the breakdown of the insulator. The electrical breakdown of the insulator can occur either by flash-over or puncture.

The flashover voltage of Pin Insulators definition
In flashover, an arc occurs between the line conductor and insulator pin and the discharge jumps across the air gaps, following shortest distance. In case of flash-over, the pin insulators will continue to act in its proper capacity unless extreme heat produced by the arc destroys the insulator. In case of puncture, the discharge occurs from conductor to pin through the body of the insulator. When such breakdown is involved, the insulator is permanently destroyed due to excessive heat. In practice, sufficient thickness of porcelain is provided in the porcelain pin type insulator to avoid puncture by the line voltage. The ratio of puncture strength to flashover voltage is known as safety factor.


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