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Pin insulator, composite pin insulator

As a pin insulator manufacturer from China, Orient also offers an extensive range of 11KV, 22KV and 33 KV composite Pin Insulator products that are fabricated from high grade raw material.

composite pin insulator              pin insulator

Composite pin insulator specification:
Two types of standard insulator pins, steel or lead head are available.
Rated Voltage: 10-36KV
Decrease single phase to the ground fault rate
Resistant to ozone & UV radiations
Suitability for polluted and salty atmospheres
HTV silicone rubber, generation III
Good shock resistance collision resistance
Silicone rubber has superior performance in weather-ability, anti-tracking and anti-erosion

Composite pin insulator design consists of a resin impregnated fiberglass core, a polymeric housing and metallic end fitting attachment devices. Pin insulator is used on crossarm of electrical poles to support conductors, normally from 11KV to 36KV.

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