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Pin insulator diagram

Pin insulator mechanical strength and creepage distance are one main of pin insulator technical strength providing mechanical performance.

Pin insulator diagram

Pin insulators

For pin insulators of 11kV the minimum failing load shall be 5kN and for 22kV and 33kV the minimum failing load shall be 10kN.

The minimum pin insulator creepage distance shall be those given below

Insulators Creeepage distance
11kV pin insulator 320mm
22kV pin insulator 560mm
33kV pin insulators 840mm

As a leading pin insulator manufacturer, Orient Power mainly produced 2kN, 4kN, 6kN, 8kN, 12.5kN, 16kN. We can also produce big creepage distance pin insulator, such as 900mm creepage distance porcelain pin insulator.


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