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Pin insulator manufacturer in China

Orient Power is aPin insulator manufacturer in China which is established in China as a leader insulator manufacturer. Orient Power mainly produce electrical insulators adhering to stringent quality of international standards.

Pin insulator

Pin insulator

The products of Orient Power in Insulator manufacturer in China have
◆ Low tension insulators
◆ Guy strain insulators
◆ Shackle type insulators
◆ Spool type insulators
◆ Reel type insulators
◆ Anti-fog transformer bushings
◆ Solid core insulators
◆ Lightning arrestor insulators
Pin insulators
◆ Disc suspension insulators

Orient Power is one of the leading pin insulator manufacturers and suppliers of vast range of Low Tension porcelain Pin Insulators. We manufacture full range of pin insulators for application in distribution lines. Pin insulators with special head grooves to accommodate special conductor fastenings can be delivered on request.


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Orient Power is a pin insulator manufacturer of porcelain pin type insulator and composite pin insulators.