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Pin insulator with spindle,porcelain pin insulators

Porcelain pin insulators are commonly used with spindle and customers usually buy them together, so the pin insulator with spindle is two products. Orient Power supplies many types of those pin insulators.

Pin insulator with spindle               porcelain pin insulators

Pin insulator with spindle has both horizontal and vertical clamp top line posts available, and porcelain pin insulators is manufactured and tested to ANSI standard C29.5, ANSI standard C29.5 or BS standard. Optional neck designs are available, too. The pin insulator with spindle common neck types are C-neck, F-neck, K-neck, J-neck, namely 57mm, 78mm, 89mm, 102mm.

Porcelain pin insulators can be fixed on wooden crossarm or steel cross arm. The length of spindle depends on the application of condition: wooden cross arm need the spindle has longer stalk and longer thread and Steel cross arm need the spindle has smaller stalk and smaller shank.

Ideally, porcelain pin insulators once installed, should be maintenance free and forgotten by the operator of the line for several decades. As a supplier of a qualitative range of Pin insulator with spindle, Orient Power will be your best supplier of Pin insulator with spindle, if you choose us. And we will offer you the most competitive price.


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