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Pin insulator

Pin insulator is mainly used on high voltage distribution lines, and used with long spindle or short spindle. Side tie or top tie is needed to fix conductor on it side groove or top groove.

Pin insulator              Pin type insulator

Pin insulator specification is as follows:
Material: wet process porcelain, composite polymer / silicone rubber
Porcelain pin type insulator Features: semi-conductor glaze, zinc sleeve
Porcelain pin insulator Thread type: porcelain thread, zinc sleeve
Colors: brown, white, gray in porcelain; red, gray in silicone rubber
Rated voltage: 10KV, 11KV, 12KV, 15KV, 20KV, 22KV, 24KV, 30KV, 33KV, 36KV
Porcelain pin insulator types: ANSI 55-1, ANSI 55-2, ANSI 55-3, ANSI 55-4, ANSI 55-5, ANSI 55-6, ANSI 55-7 according to ANSI C29.5; ANSI 56-1, ANSI 56-2, ANSI 56-3, ANSI 56-4, ANSI 56-5 according to ANSI C29.6

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