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Pin insulators porcelain composite

Pin insulators porcleian composite are mainly used in power distribution lines,Play a role in supporting and insulating, Applicable voltage 10kv to 36kv, pin insulators are used on high voltage power distribution lines made from ceramic or composite material.

Pin insulators porcelain composite               Pin insulators porcelain composite

  Pin insulators composite                             Pin insulators porcelain   

Porcelain pin insulator
Pin insulator is one of porcelain parts or several parts assembled together with cement, and some of the insulator thread will use zinc sleeve, which is also cemented. In order to prevent destruction of the insulator, Porcelain thread type pin insulator is fixed with lea head spindle, and zinc sleeve type pin insulator is fixed with steel head spindle. With the increase of the signal requirements, so now all the insulators will be applied semi-conductor glaze on the top and inner hole. The usage of this is to anti-radio interference.

Composite pin insulator
Composite pin insulator has steel legs has spindles the same as the porcelain pin insulator. Long spindle type applies wooden cross arm, short spindle for iron cross arm.


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