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Pin insulators testing facilities

Pin insulators testing facilities have some requirement for bidder, pin insulator testing should be done and written pin insulator test reports.

Pin insulators testing

Pin insulators testing

The Bidder must clearly indicate what insulator testings facilities are available in the works of the pin insulator manufacturer and whether the facilities, are adequate to carry out all the routine as well as type tests. These facilities should be made available to Purchaser’s Engineers if deputed to carry out or witness the tests. If any tests cannot be carried out at the manufacturer’s works, the reasons should be clearly stated in the tender.

The Bidder shall furnish detailed type test reports of the offered 11KV Pin insulator as pin insulators specification. All the pin insulators Tests shall be carried out at laboratories, which are accredited, by the National Accreditation Board of Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) of Government of China to prove that the porcelain pin insulators offered meet the requirements of the specification. These Type Tests should have been carried out within five years prior to the date of opening of this tender.


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