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Pin insulators transmission lines

All pin insulators transmission lines, composite pin insulators or porcelain ceramic pin insulators, are designed with standard neck dimensions so that pre formed (wrap lock) ties may be used.

Pin insulator transmission lines              Pin insulator

Pin insulators transmission lines types:
Pin type insulators are used on crossarm of electrical poles to support conductors, normally from 11KV to 36KV.
Pin insulator spindles include short spindle and long spindle.
Voltages: 6kv, 10KV, 11KV, 12KV, 15KV, 20KV, 22KV, 24KV, 25KV, 27KV, 33kV, 35KV, 36KV, 11~33kv, 11/22/33KV, 6kv~36kv, 12KV~36KV
Porcelain pin insulators : ANSI 55-1, ANSI 55-2, ANSI 55-3, ANSI 55-4, ANSI 55-5, ANSI 55-6 ; ANSI 56-1, ANSI 56-2, ANSI 56-3, ANSI 56-4, ANSI 56-5
Composite pin insulators: FPQ-10T16, FPQ-10M16, FPQ-10T20, FPS-10.2/5, FPQ-10M20, FPQ-35/4, FPQ-35/6

We do sample test for very batch of pin insulator and send test reports to customer. The application areas of our pin insulators transmission lines are versatile. Orient Power offers a wide electrical high voltage insulator range in the low, medium and high voltage range for the use of 10kV–500 kV.

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