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Pin type composite insulator

Pin type composite insulator is applied to high voltage power line service. And Pin type composite insulator has features of good hydrophobicity, anti-ageing, anti-leakage trace and electric erode proof, tensile strength and bending strength, strong mechanical strength, shock resistance good quakeproof and brittle failure proof, light weight, easy to installation, and the in spallation size of top and base are the same size with porcelain pin type insulators, they can exchange to use each other.

Pin type composite insulator            composite pin insulator    

Pin type composite Insulators are made from high quality Fiberglass rod. They have a hydrophobic, silicone shell. End Fittings of pin type composite insulator are protected against corrosion by zinc thermal diffusion method. Coverage saturates the superficial layers of steel zinc. Monolithic thermodiffusion protection eliminates delamination coverage for crimping fittings on the web, and provides protection in 3 times larger than galvanized and 1.5 times greater coating deposited by dipping in molten zinc. Composite pin insulators have a high electrical performance at high surface contamination, increased length of the path of leakage. This allows pin type composite Insulators to apply in heavy pollution levels. High voltage Pin type composite Insulator is mass-produced on the basis of composite materials: high- Fiberglass rod, and the protective shell of silicone rubber possesses high hydrophobicity and resistance of raw materials of the company Orient Power, General Electric and others.

Composite pin Insulator has increased the seismic resistance and resistance to vandalism. Pin type composite Insulators exploitable for isolating and securing current carrying parts of electrical apparatus, switchgear power stations and substations with voltage of 10kV and higher.

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